Who Else Wants To Train For A Marathon While Avoiding Costly Mistakes That Sabotage Your Chances Of Success?

Join Marathon Training Academy and I will help you “Release the Kraken” and finish your marathon strong and injury free!

Do you dream of getting in better shape but lack motivation?  Are you worried about injuries and training mistakes?  Trying to run on a busy schedule? Have you been previously injured?

Self-doubt goes through every new runner’s mind and SHOULD NOT keep you from sticking to your resolution to run a marathon.  In just a moment I’m going to tell you about the powerful system I use for running back to back marathons and staying injury free while having a lot of fun in the process!

Nothing beats the feeling of crossing the finish line after running 26.2 miles and realizing you just did something that many people never dare to attempt.  The sense of accomplishment you feel after a race stays with you forever.  And that’s not even the best part.

Running is one of the best ways to increase your fitness level.  Doctors have been warning us for years about the risks of a sedentary lifestyle.  As humans we were born to run.  Our bodies thrive when we are active.  The reason why marathon training is so awesome is because it forces you to build up your physical endurance.

Marathon training will also force you to build up the power of your mind.  Conquering the marathon is like solving a mental puzzle.  Your mind must be able to push your body when it feels like quitting.  You will need to overcome small setbacks and obstacles along the way.  You  must get quality training information and help from people who have been where you want to go.

My Running Story

Hello my name is Angie Spencer and I help new runners fulfill their dreams of completing a marathon.  I am a registered nurse and mother of three boys.  I am a finisher of multiple marathons and have taught smart training principles to thousands of people just like you -empowering them to run their first race.

Running has literally taken me on a life changing journey.  I feel better today than I did in my 20s.  And the best part is, family and friends have decided to get healthy and start running because of my example.  I coached my sister to a 4:04 finish in her first marathon and my total non-running husband, Trevor, to a 3:54 finish using the Marathon Training Academy program.

The Truth Is. . .

ANYBODY can run a marathon if they know what they are doing.  Many just lack confidence in their knowledge of “how” to do it.  So I decided to put together a system that shares all the secrets and removes all the guess work.  After investing thousands of hours of research and interviewing top running experts I have created an online training program that will help a new runner train the right way.

This is not a program for elite athletes, experts, or ultra runners.  If you want a sophisticated training program filled with technical jargon then this is not the place for you.  I am not an Olympian or World Class Runner but I am changing a lot of lives.  Anyone can run a marathon. Knowing is half the battle.

No stone will be left unturned.  All of my best tips, tricks, and secrets are revealed in this easy to use system.  Keep reading to see what you will get as a member. . .

Here’s What You Will Learn Inside the Academy

  • What to eat before and after a long run
  • Making marathon training work on a busy schedule
  • Psychological tricks to keep running when you want to stop
  • How to build mental toughness to push through the discomfort
  • How to prevent shin splints
  • How to run in the summer without dehydration
  • How to fuel during the race
  • What kind of yoga is good for runners
  • Tactics to prevent hitting the wall
  • Relaxed running and breathing strategies
  • How to deal with muscle soreness
  • Running through sickness
  • How to improve your time through speedwork
  • What to look for in buying a shoe
  • When to push through pain and when to rest
  • Clearing the mind of the negative

I Want to Be Totally Transparent . . .  MARATHONS ARE NOT EASY!

I will be the last person to tell you that this will be a piece of cake.  Don’t listen to the websites that claim they can make running a marathon easy.  That claim is a SALES GIMMICK!  To succeed at long distance running you must have discipline, determination, knowledge, toughness, and a good training plan.

I can’t make your marathon training easy but I can make it efficient. I hate to see new runners waste precious time by training the wrong way.  Improper training will only set you up for discouragement and injury.    If you are a new runner I can help you cut out the doubt and frustration by giving you the answers you need when you need them.  You don’t have to train alone!

I believe KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.  You will be amazed at what you can accomplish when you have the right information and coaching.  I have seen average people go from “non-runner” to “marathoner”.  Many of these people never even fathomed it was possible.

Marathon Success Stories . . .

“I still find it hard to believe that I went from running three miles with great effort to finishing my first marathon in 4:04! I’m so thankful for Marathon Training Academy and the excellent coaching and support they provided. It wouldn’t have happened without them!”
“At times it was also like having a personal trainer as Angie answers ALL emails she receives. I believe I would not have had the successful outcome I had at NYC 2010 without the information, advice and support Marathon Training Academy gave me. I can’t thank them and the community they created enough!”
“Angie and Trevor inspired me to try a full marathon again. Five months later, 30 lbs less, I finished LA marathon “strong and injury free”, which was my goal.  I am planning to train better and trim my time by 30 min at the next year’s event. This is all because of your inspiration guys. Thank you for what you do. Keep it up!”

After weeks of struggling of trying to figure out my own payoff factor for running, I finally figured it out. Thank you for helping me find my way back… Your MTA lessons are great and really inspire me to look at myself in a whole new way.

Training Tools to Make You Rock!

This could be the year you become the master of your health and fitness.  In this system I will give you the plain and simple truth about marathon training, the kind I use to run marathons year after year.  I have developed an in-depth program laid out in 7 separate courses to give you the best education possible.

Each lesson is packed with pure content and presented by Trevor and I in our unique teaching style.  Every audio is completely downloadable in mp3 format for those runners on the go.  Plus, I have included all my own personal notes for you to print off and keep.

I have probably been too thorough in these training lessons but I want to make sure nothing is overlooked.  You have everything you need to totally rock at your marathon. You Get Instant Access to These Courses as a Member of Marathon Training Academy

Proper Mindset to Unleash Your Marathon Potential

This training is to help you unlock the power of your mind.  Running a marathon is just as much a mental game as it is a physical game.  Motivation is key.  Inside are strategies to Step Into Your Inner Warrior.

Running Dynamics For the All Seasons Runner

How to perfect your form, find your ideal running pace, and  improve your time.  Plus, how to run safely and sensibly in freezing winter or blazing summer heat.

Equipment Essentials Every Runner Should Know

Running gear related tips and best practices to maximize your body’s performance.  How to find the right shoes and discover if barefoot and minimalistic running is right for you.  Become an equipment savvy runner and avoid feeling like a dufus on race day.

Cross-Training and Stretching the Right Way

This multimedia product will give you a balanced and scientific road map for success in this neglected component of marathon training.   See how simple yoga poses can make you a better runner.

Injury Prevention Blueprint

How to put the SMACK DOWN on shin splints, runner’s knee, IT band friction, muscle cramps, Achilles tendonitis, and other ugly injuries that runners face.  Get solid prevention and treatment strategies from a registered nurse and veteran runner.

Long Run Mastery

Learn how to put your legs on autopilot mile after mile. Find out what to eat before, during, and after a long run.  Understand your body’s fluid needs and how to maintain electrolyte balance.

Race Day Dominator

“Release the Kraken” when it counts on the big day of your marathon.  Know what to expect at a big event.  Taper wisely.   Fuel efficiently and recover quickly from post run soreness.

Because I Want to Hook You Up . . .

My goal is to make sure you have everything necessary to succeed.  So I’m going to throw in these 3 Big Bonuses which in themselves are worth the price of the Academy.

Big Bonus #1

Access to the digital vault.  I know motivation is the hardest part for many people.  So I want to give you complete access to all back  episodes of the Marathon Training Academy Podcast.  These babies are no longer available to the public.  Our first episodes were some of our best.  They will give you a motivational kick in the pants at the perfect time.

Big Bonus #2

Secondly, as a member of Marathon Training Academy you will get the Full Length Interviews with the following marathon masters.  
  • Ben Greenfield (the Get Fit Guy) is a nutrition expert and competitor in the Hawaii Iron Man.  Our interview with Ben will explode your mind with nutrition wisdom.
  • Tim Boreland (63 Marathons in 63 Days) talked with us about his amazing feat of endurance.  Tim reveals the mental tricks to endurance running and the secrets to fast recovery.
  • Bart Yasso (Chief Running Officer of Runner’s World) is a running legend.  He is an author and key speaker at many marathon events.  He has ran all over the world and inspired thousands of people.
  • Angela Coloumbe (Lyme Runner) overcame tremendous physical challenge after being stricken with Lyme’s disease.  She ran her first marathon with the help of MTA.  Her enthusiasm is contagious.

What is the Cost of Good Training?

To hire a personal trainer to help you prepare for your marathon would cost between $30-$60 dollars an hour. If she met with you 1 hour a week for the duration of your 20 week training that would be $600 to $1,200 dollars!

You don’t need to spend that kind of money to officially kick butt at your first marathon.  Really, good training just depends on knowledge and endurance.  I can give you the knowledge and you have the endurance.   Seriously.

YOU DO HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO RUN A MARATHON.  I believe there is a marathoner within you just waiting to be unleashed.  When you get to the starting line you will be surprised to find just how many “non-athletic” looking people are there to compete.  Some of them are in their 70s.  Some are overweight.  All of them are on an amazing journey to master their life and health.

Membership Options

Basic Membership Option 

With the basic membership you get to choose a Smart Training Plan from the training plan library.  You get access to our seven marathon training courses, full length interviews, back podcast episodes, and other cool stuff.  You will also join our private Facebook Group so you can interact with Angie, Trevor and fellow members of the Academy.

Join now for only $20 a month.


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NOTE: The Marathon Training Academy is a digital online learning center.  Every lesson comes in completely downloadable text and audio files. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer. The format for all manuals, workbooks, checklists, etc, is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

Thanks for taking time to read this.  I hope I see you on the inside.




Angie Spencer, RN, and RRCA, USATF Certified Coach

P.S. Just think, you will never again have to doubt your training.



Personal Coaching Option | $100 monthly

Sorry, the coaching option is currently closed. Angie has all the clients she can handle at this current time. Please check back soon or send an email to support@marathontrainingacademy.com to be added to the waiting list. Thanks!

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Can’t I Find the Information for Free Online?”

I love free information.  In fact, I give away tons of information for free on my podcast and blog.  But when it comes to your education you need to be prepared to spend a little money.  Every experienced runner knows that a good pair of running shoes is worth the cost.  How much more should you be sure to equip your mind with the confidence that you are training right.

“What If I Can’t Even Run 1 Mile Yet!”

That’s fine!  This system will show you how to build up your running base before you start marathon training.  I have even helped smokers build their running base.  All the stuff I will give you on nutrition, running form, finding the right shoes, injury prevention, stretching, and mental motivation will be instantly usable no matter what level you are at.

“Does This Program Work for Half-Marathon Training?”

Of course!  I designed everything for those who want to run a full marathon or a half!  My husband Trevor, a beginner, trained for his first half marathon using my plan.

“I Have Already Run a Marathon, Can This Still Help Me?”

Yes!  Maybe your last race didn’t go as well as it could have.  Why not be better prepared next time?  You might be missing an important ingredient in your training.

“But I Can’t Find the Extra Time for My Training!”

The #1 problem I hear from new runners is lack of time.  That’s why I have included a lesson on “Finding Time to Run”.  Plus, you are going to get time management tips from running experts Ben Greenfield and Tim Borland in the full length interviews.

“When is the Best Time to Join Marathon Training Academy?”

If you are training for a marathon this year then now is the perfect time to join!  The peak marathon months are October to December.  I highly recommend that you become of member of MTA when you begin your training and stay with us at least until you cross the finish line.  I have created coaching lessons that address each phase of your training.




Questions?  Email support@marathontrainingacademy.com