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When Shin Splints Attack

Have you ever noticed some pain in one or both of your shins after a long run or exercise routine? If you have then you might have had shin splints at the time. Formally known as medial tibial stress syndrome, shin splints can vary in level of severity and pain. More often than not, you will know if you have this injury because of its ability to cause significant amounts of pain with each step you take. It may even hurt to simply raise your toes if you have a bad case. Continue Reading →


Guide for Hosting a 5K Charity or Community Race

There are several great rewards individuals, groups, or companies can gain by hosting a 5K charity or community race.

A 5K fun run can help you give people an opportunity to do something that will make them feel good about themselves. Not to mention the money that you can raise for a worthy cause. But there is more involved with running one of these events than you might expect. Continue Reading →


Everything I Need to Teach I Learned in Marathon Training [Part 2]

As promised, my last three Lessons for Lifelong Learning, as taught by my good teacher, Marathon Training:

3. Something is 90% of everything.

There are so many reasons not to go on a run. It’s hot. It’s cold. It’s boring. My running partner bailed. I don’t have time for my whole run. I don’t feel like that route… So here’s my mantra: Just Go. Continue Reading →


Everything I Need to Teach I Learned in Marathon Training [Part I]

I’m a teacher and, much to my students’ chagrin, I’m full of ulterior motives.

Yes, I want them to understand how to construct an essay that helps them convey their best understanding in the most powerful way possible but (Shhh! Don’t tell them this part!) some things are more important than any one academic skill or set of facts.

What could be more important, you ask? (Okay, so you didn’t ask. You’re an adult and you know that plenty of things are more important to you. Probably running, for one. Don’t worry, I’m getting there!) Continue Reading →


Tips for Night Running

As daylight savings time draws near and the days grow shorter, you might find your late afternoon run turning into a night run, and for those training for a marathon this winter, your mileage is likely only increasing week by week.

Night runs can be hazardous in that visibility is limited for you, for drivers, and potentially for others on your running path. In order to stay safe, don’t miss these top tips: Continue Reading →


Hip Flexor Pain and Pain in the Front of the Hip

Pain in the hip flexor or front of the hip/leg can be associated with several possible causes. When you experience pain in the front of the hip, and it doesn’t have an obvious mechanism of injury (such as tripping in a hole when running), then it’s almost always a repetitive motion injury or related to poor posture and/or biomechanics.

The location of pain in the hip flexor region can range from mid-thigh to the groin area to the lower stomach (from the belly button to the PSIS, which is the posterior superior iliac spine) or the front of the pelvic bone just up and lateral to the groin area where the primary hip flexor (psoas) originates. Continue Reading →


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