With the Fat Adapted Eating Plan You Get:

  • Introduction and Getting Started pdf, Quick Start Checklist, Frequently Asked Questions
  • Fat Adapted Staple Foods Guide
  • Menu Options Guide
  • Fat Adapted Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and more
  • Inside Angie’s Kitchen (video)
  • The Science of Fat Adaptation, Why Diets Don’t Work Training Lesson
  • How to Bust Through Weight Loss Plateaus Training Lesson
  • Interviews with Low Carb Experts – Ben Greenfield, Tim Noakes, Vinnie Tortorich
  • Fat Adapted Fueling and Recovery Strategies Training Lesson
  • How to Use Generation Ucan and Other Fuels Training Lesson

Last but certainly not least, you get lifetime access to our private Facebook group to ensure your success.

Happy Eating!

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Angie Spencer
RN, RRCA Certified Running Coach