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Academy Membership

Academy Membership gives you access to our premium content, videos, audios, training plans, back podcast episodes and awesome online community. It’s a great place to get your questions answered fast, stay accountable in your goals and be inspired by other runners like you.

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MTA Coaching Services

MTA Coaching Services provide you the opportunity to be personally coached by one of our highly qualified (and super friendly) running coaches. We have trained hundreds of runners and helped them achieve success in a variety of distances and goals.

Space is limited. Click here to learn more about our coaches and how MTA coaching works.

The MTA Official Guide to Running Your First Marathon

product_box_mediumThe MTA Official Guide to Running Your First Marathon
Chapters include Angie’s Running Story, The Mystique of the Marathon, How to Unleash Your Marathon Potential, How to Find Time to Train, Choosing the Right Equipment, Building Your Base, Perfecting Your Form, Improving Your Time, and more. 165 pages Click Here to get more details

Volume 3 of the MTA Podcast

Volume 3 of the MTA Podcast
Includes episodes 101-150 which are no longer available for free online. In-depth training topics, world-class guests and beloved race recaps. Lot’s of Boston Marathon talk. See what’s inside volume 2 . . .

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Volume 2 of the MTA Podcast

trvs2-2Volume 2 of the MTA Podcast
Includes episodes 51-100 which are no longer available for free online. Sage advice and great guest interviews and killer race recaps. See what’s inside volume 3 . . .

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Volume 1 of the MTA Podcast

thefirst50podcasts_cover - smallFirst 50 Podcast Episodes
Called our vintage episodes our first 50 shows are no longer available online. Definitely some of our best. You will hear Trevor’s journey from coach potato to running his first marathon, lots of race recaps, expert interviews, and training tips. This bundle comes with 50 individual audio downloads and a 234 page companion pdf guide.

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Smart Training Plans

26_2_decal_blacl_finalSmart Training Plans
Hundreds of runners have used our Smart Marathon Training plans to get them across the finish line. Visit our training plan page to find the plan that is right for you.

The Fat Adapted Eating Plan

faepFat Adapted Eating Plan -Burn Fat As Fuel!
Angie’s eating plan for getting your body into a fat adapted state. Stabilize your blood sugar levels and start burning your fat as fuel. Includes low carb recipes, fueling and recovery for races, the science of becoming fat adapted, interviews with experts, menu options and more. Click here to get more details

Drury Hotels

The Drury Hotel Company has been a faithful sponsor of the MTA podcast since the beginning. They operate over 140 hotels in 21 states and counting. They are exceptional in their service and cleanliness and famous for offering free food and drinks each evening. Get 15% off your stay and a free gift from us by using this link.

Generation Ucan

Generation Ucan Endurance Fuel
We have fueled with Ucan for dozens of marathons and it has never let us down! They are a great friend of the MTA podcast and always happy to hear from our listeners.

Get a 15% discount by using this link:

Health I.Q.

Health I.Q. has been a faithful sponsor of the MTA podcast! They are a life insurance company that celebrates marathon runners and other health conscious people. Visit to learn more & get a free quote, or check out their life insurance FAQ page to get your questions answered. In addition, take the MTA quiz and see how you score!

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